Bank Accounts

We arrange our clients to open company bank accounts in Hong Kong.
- Secure and Privacy for all accounts and transactions information
- Commercial, Trading, Investment, etc. accounts
- Multi-Currencies accounts
- Internet, phone, fax banking services
- Can apply credit cards (Visa, Master, etc.) and ATM services, for you to deposit/withdraw anytime over the world.

We introduce those first-class Banks in Hong Kong for your selection:
- Bank of China
- Hang Seng Bank
- Bank of East Asia
- Standard Charter Bank
- Fubon Bank
- and ...other local banks in Hong Kong

Information required for Opening Bank account:
- Original/Certified True Copy of Company Documents (We will prepare for you)
- Board Resolution for Opening bank account (We will prepare for you)
- Certified True Copy of ID Card/Passport of each signatory, shareholder and director (We will arrange Certifying)
- Address proved document of each signatory (eg. utility bills, bank letters, etc.)