Why Hong Kong ?
- Gateway to China ...detail
- Low Taxes ...detail
- World Class Infrastructure ...detail
- Rule of Law ..detail
- World's Freest Economy ...detail
- Free Flow of Information ...detail
- Skilled Workforce ...detail

Simple, Fast, Complete !
- One shareholder and one director is sufficient (Can be the same person or same corporation).
- Directors may be corporations or individuals of any nationality, domicile and residence.
- One company secretary, to ensure compliance with ongoing legal returns, accounts, audit and other requirements.
- No limitation to the value of Share Capital.
- Annual fees do not depend upon the value of the Share Capital.
- Profits tax is payable only on profits generated in Hong Kong. Tax rate is low and many items are tax deductible.
- Annual meetings of shareholders can take place in any country in the world. There is no need to meet personally; you can do it by using modern communications.
- There is no requirement to come to Hong Kong to incorporate your company or to conduct the companys' activities.
- There is no currency exchange controls in Hong Kong.
- You can open bank account, trade and investment accounts for your Hong Kong company, with phone and/or internet banking, with Visa and/or Master Card, etc. You can manage your accounts anytime all over the world.

Why should you incorporate Hong Kong company with us ?
- We are Hong Kong local company with many years of experience in professional services. We know what you want.
- We have CPA (Certified Public Accountants) to provide services to you.
- You purchase (incorporate) a company directly from the Hong Kong locally, leaving middle men aside, and, as a result of that, save money and enhance confidentiality.
- We offer the lowest price in the market for Hong Kong Company incorporation and professional, secretarial and supplementary business services;
- You can incorporate online from our website securely. You can transfer incorporation fee directly to our Bank accounts in Hong Kong or China.
- If you buy a shell company, the whole process will take only 1 day time. If you incorporate a new company, the incorporation will take only 6 working days. Documents will be sent to you by the courier mail once the company set up.

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