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Comprehensive Service of Company Incorporation
- Government filing, certificate of incorporation, printing of memorandum and articles of association, share certificate book, minute book, company stamp and pocket-size metallic seal.

- Incorporation services include the preparation of documents for the appointment of 3 directors & 1 company secretary, transfer of 1 share issued, notification of registered office, apply for business registration certificate, etc. If there are more than 3 directors or more than 3 shareholders, we may charge extra service fee for additional documentation.

- Incorporation minimum requirements: The Company must have at least 1 director, 1 shareholder and 1 company secretary. The address of the company secretary and the registered office must be in Hong Kong.


General annual costs of running business in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Registered Office $250

Company Secretary Service

Business Registration fee (Government Charge)

Annual Return (Government Charge)

Preparation and submission of Tax Return (if applicable)

Profits Tax (if applicable) 16.5%
(Year 2011/12 and after)

Audit fee (if applicable)
$1,095 or above
(very dependent on transaction volume of company)

Accounting fee (if applicable)

$965 or above
(very dependent on transaction volume of company)

Additional Services (if applicable)
Certified True Copy of Full Set company documents (per set)

Opening Bank accounts
(Phone & Internet Banking, Investment & Trading accounts, deposit & credit card services...detail)

Business Communication (pay in every 6-months)
(Independent HK phone & fax numbers...detail)

(plus deposit of $65)

Mail Forwarding and Mail Sending (pay in every 6-months)
("to work in HK Office" anytime all over the world...detail)


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